About Holon

Holon does a lot in its own way, not in order to be different but because it makes sense.

This site is about programming. What is the best way to tell a computer what I want it to do?
I have wondered 40 years now. And learned a few things.

One, computer science won't tell you. In the beginning I took it's wisdom and advice and finally understood:

It ain't necessarily so

You have to think for yourself. Luckily I found Forth. And went my own way.

I started the site 1998 to present the Holonforth tools that I had made so far. Mainly to show an alternative to the conventional ways.

The site focused on a description of the tools but lacked the philosophy behind Holon. It has been dormant for a couple of years. I found it difficult to describe the reasons for Holon and convince you - and me - with arguments that this is the real thing. Holon simply worked.

Now here is a fresh attempt to fill in the missing pieces.