Agile Alliance and Forth

Chuck Moore was the first Agile Programmer

Moore's philosophy has finally reached the mainstream and resonates in the Agile/Extreme Programming world:


Keep it Simple.
Do what is needed, don't generalize
Do it Yourself, Refactor


"A simple design always takes less time to finish than a complex one. So always do the simplest thing that could possibly work next. ... Turn a blind eye towards future requirements and extra flexibility. Concentrate on what is scheduled for today only". ... YAGNI - "You aren't gonna need it"

"Thinking Forth" was the first Book about Refactoring.

The starting entry in the Agile Alliance's list of origins of refactoring:

1984: the notion of "factoring", an anticipation of refactoring, is described in Brodie’s "Thinking Forth", where it is presented as "organizing code into useful fragments" which "occurs during detailed design and implementation".

But otherwise Agile is not Forth!