Using Holon11

Holon11 --  An interactive IDE for the 68HC11

Holon11 combines a source browser, editor, assembler, compiler, debugger and interpreter in one integrated system. There is nothing to set up among the parts, you can start to develop immediately. 

The user interface of Holon11 provides a permanent view of your program. All development occurs in the browser: design, edit, compile, test, debug and change.

Holon11 presents the source text as a hierarchical structure of modules, groups and "words". Words are the actual program elements. You enjoy a clear presentation as well as hypertext lookup and direct access to every word.

With Holon11 you work "hands-on"  the target. Load, test, debug and change the code online in the target system.

If you add or change a program word in the source text, the executable code is updated in the target. You can test the change immediately. You can change a running program.

The debugger displays the program steps in the source text. You can trace the execution down through the kernel words of Forth. 

The Holon11 development system

Holon11 is a DOS program and runs both under pure DOS and in a DOS session under Windows, Linux, or other operating system that provides a DOS box.

Target: Any 68HC11 system with RS232 conversion on the SCI port and program RAM for interactive development.

Monitors: Holon 11 controls the target via a remote monitor, which uses ca. 200 bytes in the target. The host loads the monitor into the target in cooperation with the boot load function of the 68HC11. Two versions of the monitor are included with the system. Additional monitors are available, see below. 

Modules: Holon 11 provides the system modules in source text; every word of the system is clearly defined and commented, including the low level kernel routines.

Documentation: The online manual describes the operation and use of Holon11.  

You are now welcome to download and use Holon11 for your own projects. (140 KB)


The following monitors are included with the system. 

Also available:

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