Holon86 - Programming Embedded PCs

Holon86 is an interactive incremental cross-programming system based on Forth. Use Holon86 to develop interactively into a remote (embedded) PC.

The Holonforth programming system combines all parts of a powerful development environment -- browser, editor, assembler, compiler, linker, debugger and interpreter -- in one closely integrated optimized program. There is nothing to set up among the parts, you can start developing immediately. 

The browser provides a permanent view of your program. All development occurs in the browser: design, editing, compiling, testing, debugging and incremental changing. The source code is organized as a hierarchical structure of modules, groups and "words" (the actual program elements). You enjoy a clear overview and direct access to every element.

The executable code follows the source code instantly. If you add or change a program word, the program code in the target is immediately updated. Holon86 develops into a separate target system (separate PC, DOS session or co-routine) using a remote monitor.

Host: The host contains the complete development system, consisting of browser, editor, assembler, compiler, debugger and interpreter. Holon86 is a DOS program and runs both under pure DOS or in a DOS session under Windows, Linux or another multitasking operating system.

Target: Remote x86 system, stand-alone or with DOS. The target can be emulated in a separate DOS session (window) on the host PC.

Monitors: Holon86 creates and tests code interactively in the target system; the application executes as a task in parallel with the monitor. Three types of monitors are provided.

Modules: Holon86 includes the following system modules. The modules are provided in source text; every word of the system is defined and commented, including the low level kernel routines.

Documentation: The online manual describes the operation of Holon86. The distribution includes the file welcome.htm, which describes in detail how to set up and start using Holon86. 

You are welcome to download and use Holon86 V4.9

           holon86.zip (180 KB)