HolonX -- universal source handling system

HolonX is a universal source handling system and refactoring browser.

HolonX handles source text as a tree structure of modules, groups and words (in Forth every program element is a "word"). Related words are collected in groups, and related groups are collected in modules. The module corresponds to a text file in a conventional development environment. -- The figure shows modules borrowed from Holon 86.

All parts of the program are visible. Browse and study the program, directly access every detail, move items and restructure after a series of changes. In HolonX it is a simple matter to refactor source. 

HolonX now also offers change control (starting v0.95). 

When you "load" the program, HolonX writes the definitions of the words into the file holonx.txt, ready for loading into your external compiler/interpreter. Modules can be imported and exported as structured XML documents according to this DTD.

See also the features (browser, structure and editor) and the tutorial Using Holon (user interface and editing -- the other sections do not apply to HolonX).

HolonX runs in a DOS session under Windows or any other operating system with a DOS box.

You are welcome to download  (120 kB)  and use it free of charge.