Holonforth Programming

This chapter collects experience gained with Holon and Forth.

Source Content Management

Handle the program units of a project in a structure of chapters and sections.

Source Text

Programming is writing, not calculating.

Global namespace

Create order in the text (editor, chapters) not in the code (compiler, namespaces). The CPU doesn't care, the programmer must.

Find is global incremental

Search the whole project, show results in the page and the info pane. Entries are links. Replace text with a click.

Back to Visited Pages

Provide a list of visited units/pages, access directly.

Target Compiler

HolonT, HolonH.

Units do their own business. Actors.

The programming language is expressed in the units, not in a separate authority (compiler). Change and enhance the language. The interpreter passes control to the units (words or commands) to execute or compile themselves.

Change a running target

Full interactive control via tethered connection to a separate application.

Atomic version control

Integrated revision management.

The Program is the Specification

Extreme agile development.

Unit Tests

Units are tested interactively when defined, no global test run needed. Action range is known and limited.

Autonomous Projects

A copy of the development system is devoted to the current project. It has the name of the project and handles the DB-file of the same name.

Project Management

Text chapters handle project information. With automatic links to the source. The whole project stored and saved and moved in one single DB-file including revision details.